Vehicle identification number or simply VIN is one of the most important details that a vehicle owner must have. The VIN is used for a wide array of reasons the most obvious being identification of your vehicle. In addition, it’s very essential in tracking important details including parking tickets, vehicle registrations as well as your insurance coverage. This number can be located on various places in the vehicle. The most popular place for the VIN is the dashboard on the driver’s side. It can also be found on the vehicle’s transmission, the chassis and the engine block. It is usually displayed as a rectangular plate that is usually small in size.

vin number check

The VIN usually has 17 digits and all of them serve a particular purpose as follows:

The initial 3 digits are used for the identification of the vehicle manufacturer and are referred to as world manufacturer identifier. Other manufacturers may employ the 3rd digit to identify the particular brand name.

The 4th up to the 9th digits are employed in the identification of the vehicle design and the model. Collectively, they are known as Vehicle Descriptor Section. The ninth digit however can also be used in the verification of ID number transcription accuracy.

The 10th to the 17th digits are used for the purpose of identifying the various features of the vehicle such as date of manufacture, trim level etc.

Therefore a VIN number check is very important before purchasing any vehicle. A proper check will give you the accurate history of the vehicle you intend to buy. In addition, it verifies whether the car being sold to you is done so using the legal process in place. It will also bring up important information with regards to the exact outlook of the car; it may have been redone following a fatal accident. There you need to check up the entire vehicle history on one of the many available websites.

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